BC Ferries Engineering Department

BC Ferries tried to clean the sticky carbon deposits from the 70 eight foot tubes of their Spanner Watts boiler with an electric drill powered brush, and were quite unsuccessful. Here’s what they had to say after using the Putzmaus®…

We made two passes with the cleaning brush to remove the heavy carbon deposits and one pass with the polishing brush to bring the tubes to appear to be brand new. This entire process took one person less than three hours to complete. This included setup, cleaning off the tubes and clean up of the equipment.

I would strongly recommend to anyone that has to clean boiler tubes to purchase one of these units as it will save labour costs, do a superior job and allow the operator to get the boiler back into service quickly.

D. Andronyk
Acting Senior Chief Engineer 

Millennium Pacific Greenhouses Partnership

I would like to thank you for your help and assistance with the Putzmaus. It performed beyond our expectations, and without the hard labour normally required for cleaning the flue gas tubes in our boilers. 

G. Garell
Maintenance Engineer

Windset Farms

Windset Farms has been using the Putzmaus Tube Cleaner for over ten years and we would highly recommend their product.

We are extremely satisfied with the machine and the way it operates as well as the level of assistance we receive from them regarding any maintenance and service issues we have.

Robert Erwin
Operations Manager

Miller Lumber Sawmill, Antique Powerland

Thank you for your generous donations of the Putzmaus Boiler Tube Cleaning Kit. Your donation is a very valueable asset and will be used extensively to clean the tubes of the boiler powering our Miller Lumber steam powered sawmill.

The Putzmaus Kit will be used regularly to clean the tubes of our 1906 Lima locomotive boiler. The boiler has a long history; it was originally Shay locomotive, builder number 1627-3-2. The locomotive worked logging the forests of Northwest Oregon. Our head fireman, David Long, reports that the system works extremely well and that we’ve never had cleaner boiler tubes.

Mike Oxborrow

Vexco Inc. Hardwood Lumber Manufacturer

Good morning Mr. Koechl. We received our order with you, and we also had a chance to work with the product. It worked as a charm! It is perfect for us!

I just want to make a follow up for the extra brushes. With the winter coming (unfortunately), we will have to clean the tubes more often, so we just want to make sure we will have them in stock for when we need them.

We are going to change our order to 6 extra brushes instead of 3 if it is still possible.

Jessica Labonté
Adjointe Administrative / Adm. Assistant

Antique Powerland Museum

To Whom It May Concern:

I am the chief boiler operator for the Antique Powerland Museum Association’s Miller Lumber Sawmill in Brooks, OR. I have several years of experience with steam boilers as a stationary plant operator and maintenance mechanic; steam locomotive fireman (branch & mainline); and as a boilermaker. The Putzmaus is the best tube cleaner I have ever used.

Our boiler is a 1906 Lima Locomotive Works, locomotive boiler. The boiler has 226 2” diameter 16 ft. long tubes. We primarily burn wood. The space between the smoke box door and tube sheet is 4 feet. It used to take 3 1/2 hours for one or two people to hand punch the boiler, and it was a workout. It would not totally clean the tubes; you could always find soot.

With the Putzmaus, tube cleaning takes one person about 1 hour. You will never regret purchasing a Putzmaus! It will clean down to the mill scale on the first and only pass needed. I have listed the reasons why you need this tool.

Easy set up – takes 5 minutes will work on any 90 – 100 psi. air supply.
Cleaner – I have never had soot or ash from the tube as the tool returns.
Efficient – can be used when boiler is hot; short down time, hours versus a day.
Quality built tool.
I wish I had a Putzmaus years ago!

David R. Long

Compass Minerals

Hi Andreas,

Thank you for the invoice and prompt fulfillment of our order.
Our maintenance team is pleased and impressed with the performance of the Putzmaus tube cleaning system.

It has made the task of cleaning our boiler tubes much easier and safer.
I will be placing an order in the near future for additional 48mm tube brushes to have on hand.

Thanks again for all of your help and support.

Grant Lea
Technical Superintendent